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Debra J Peel

Debra J Peel

Debbie showed us her musical talent while she was a student at SGHS. She had a beautiful voice and also accompanied singers on the piano. She went on to study music, and worked as a Vocal Music teacher for the Garden Grove Unified School District.

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07/15/17 07:46 AM #1    

Alicia Weber (Holborn)

She was and elegant and lovely person.  She will be missed.

07/16/17 08:03 AM #2    

Cynthia Clayton

Even though I haven't seen Debbie for years, I will always remember her as a kind, beautiful person. RIP

07/16/17 02:35 PM #3    

Cynthia Garoutte (Easton)

Debbie was one of my good friends in high school. I have so many fond memories of the activities we shared, especially choir and Madrigal singers. I will always remember Debbie's lovely alto singing voice and her wonderful sense of humor.

07/16/17 02:56 PM #4    

Julie Laughlin (Fraser)

Debbie and I were in French class together all 4 years at SGHS. We were never close but I have three vivid memories of her. First, as noted in another post, was her quiet beauty; second is how badly she wanted the role of Nellie Forbush in South Pacific; third and most vivid to me, is my memory of how gracious she was when Cindy Garrute secured the role. If Debbie could be that gracious at age 17, she must have been a lovely woman to know throughout her life. Rest in peace Debbie.

07/16/17 06:45 PM #5    

Judy Kelly (McClean)

Debbie was one of my nice friends in high school.  She shared her banana nut bread recipe with me as well as her Harvey Wallbanger cake recipe, both of which I make to this day.  I will always be able to look at her printed recipe cards and feel her presence.  She was a very fun texter and I'll miss her   - Judy Kelly

07/17/17 09:29 PM #6    

Joseph Pasquarella Smith

My memories of Debbie are mostly from high school, though I believe we danced together a couple of times in the SGRecDept. Social Dancing program  at Coolidge and Wilson in our 7th and 8th grade years. Debbie and I went on a few formal “Anthony Loya Studio Memory Photo” dates in our early HS years, enjoyed 4 years of French Language study, danced alongside one another in “ The Music Man” and acted in “ South Pacific”.  Our last meeting is memorialized in a photo from the 2009 SGHS All Classes Reunion at the park near the Rose Bowl. My heart grieves and my soul smiles as I read and share our remembersnces, and my thoughts are for friends and family as we bid Debbie “bon voyage” with all our love. 

07/18/17 11:27 AM #7    

Donna Speakman (Marincovich)

This saddens me in my Heart and Memories.  Debbie and I were very great friends in High School. We were in choir, Madrigals, various school play funs, YMCA Club and our beloved MYF, Methodist Youth Fellowship.

I remember her coming to my house when she got her Convertible  Ford Fairlane. She had a fuzzy ball on her on her key chain and we drove around town with the top down.. 

We did so many things togetherand we  talked and talked about hers and mine boyfriends,  And you  know whio you were.

In our Chruch group[, MYF, She was very close to Bill Hoting and B ill Bauld  They played guitars togeher and we all; sang at Sunday meetings, camp outs and the Freemen hone.


I am do sorry to hear this, God Bless her Her and Her Family.,

07/22/17 09:43 AM #8    

Scott Veatch

I don't know where to begin other than to say how sad I am that Debbie has passed. She and I reconnected about eight years ago and exchanged several emails each year during that time. In the last few years she told me she knew she had a tough fight ahead of her but she always kept her sense of humor. One time she joked about her weight loss program to me, one that saw her lose 14 pounds overnight -- when the doctors removed a tumor during surgery.

My mom died eleven years ago and about a year before she passed she mailed a large box to me. It contained all the things moms keep -- the Mother's Day cards I made for her in Sunday School, my elementary school report cards, perfect attendance certificates, etc. At the bottom of the box I found an envelope that contained photos she took of me and Debbie the night of our Senior Prom. I sent copies to Debbie and we shared some laughs about the children in those photos. Long ago and far away.

My wife Mona became very sick about ten years ago; she's currently in the final stages of Alzheimer's. Debbie always encouraged me and she offered me some advice that I'm still following.

And that's the way Debbie was. In our emails she was always upbeat, always looking ahead. She told me of wanting to write a children's book about Silvio her cat and she joked that she felt like a hobbit -- one who loves the good life but finds strength under pressure. In one of her last emails to me she spoke of her faith in God's protection for her and remarked that the more she knew of God's love for her the less she feared about anything that could happen to her. Our last contact was in May when she sent me birthday wishes. I'll miss her emails.

Debbie was blessed with great physical beauty, a wonderful musical gift and a kind and generous nature. I'll forever be grateful that we got to know each other as adults.

My life is better from having known her.

07/31/17 12:37 PM #9    

Claire Schwartz (Schwartz-Menyuk)

I too was saddened to hear about Debbie's passing.  Many of you have already mentioned that you met Debbie in French class. That is where I too, probably met her our freshman year.  We also shared a love of musical theater, though, she had the gorgeous voice, I was more into dance.  I do remenber trying out for our first musical, "The Music Man", and sitting in the auditorium with Debbie as we watched everyone try out for the roles we each were hoping to get.  After high school I lost touch with her, but had heard from others that she had suffered from cancer. Then around 6 or 7 years ago, we reconnected, first by email, and then by phone.  We had a very long conversation catching up on 40 years of our lives.  It turned out that she had lived, for a time, in my area, in Maryland, but, unfortunately, for both of us, neither of us knew of each other's existence.  I was, however, glad to have had the opportunity to talk to a long lost friend from high school.  We both ended up pursuing similar careers as teachers, and could share our mutual experiences.  I will always remember the many hours we spent together, and her beautiful voice.

Rest in peace Debbie.

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